Breeze for a Bargeman

Bob Roberts


Size 210 x 135mm / paperback / 174pp / 76 b+w illustrations

ISBN: 978-0-9542750-6-8
UK: £2.00
Europe: £5.00
Rest of the world: £11.00

This miscellany of the legendary Capt. Bob Roberts’ recollections dips into his time afloat from beginning to end, introducing anecdotes about some of the people and vessels that he came upon along the way. Told with great wit, and some sadness at the passing of a way of life very precious to him, he was to become the last skipper trading in northern Europe under sail alone, when in command of the 1906 built coasting barge Cambria, which loaded her last commercial cargo in 1970.

‘ … a most fitting tribute and a way to remember and learn more of this legendary figure from the days of sail’
Richard Walsh