Mate of the Caprice

Gordon Brown


Size 215 x 132mm / paperback / 158pp

ISBN: 978-0-8503644-4-2
UK: £2.00
Europe: £5.00
Rest of the world: £11.00

Many good books have portrayed the skipper’s role as master of a sailing barge in trade, but here we have the experiences of a barge’s mate. Gordon Brown aspired to a career afloat in a P & O liner from an early age and was classified as Best Seaman in Ship aboard the reformatory Training Ship Cornwall but, having turned down a couple of good offers from the Chief Officer aboard, found himself appointed to a lowly Thames barge trading within the limits of the river. The result is a story unique amongst sailing barge literature, from his joining in the 1930s as a 16 year old, to his stepping ashore just six years later after just six weeks in command.

‘A really well-written account of the river trades, highlighting aspects of seafaring unimaginable in today’s conditions.’
Richard Walsh